The Bible of the Pilgrims who founded America and also the Bible of the Reformation.  


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God's Mercy Remembered



Isaiah 63:7-14



7 I will remember the mercies of the LORD and the praises of the LORD according unto all that the LORD hath given us, and for the great goodness toward the house of Israel, which he hath given them according to his tender love, and according to his great mercies.


8 For he said, Surely they are my people, children that will not lie. So he was their Saviour.


9 In all their troubles he was troubled, and the Angel of his presence saved them; in his love and in his mercy he redeemed them, and he bare them and carried them always continually.


10 But they rebelled and vexed his holy Spirit; therefore was he turned to be their enemy and he fought against them.


11 Then he remembered the old time of Moses and his people, saying, Where is he that brought them up out of the Sea with the shepherd of his sheep? Where is he that put his holy Spirit within him?


12 He led them by the right hand of Moses with his own glorious arm, dividing the water before them, to make himself an everlasting Name.


13 He led them through the deep, as an horse in the wilderness, that they should not stumble,


14 As the beast goeth down into the valley, the Spirit of the LORD gave them rest. So didst thou lead thy people, to make thyself a glorious Name.


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