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Jesus and Beelzebub


Mark 3:19-30

19 And Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him, and they came home.

20 And the multitude assembled again, so that they could not so much as eat bread.

21 And when his kinsfolk's heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him; for they said that he was beside himself.

22 And the Scribes which came down from Jerusalem, said, He hath Beelzebub, and through the prince of the devils he casteth out devils.

23 But he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan drive out Satan?

24 For if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

25 Or if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot continue.

26 So if Satan make insurrection against himself, and be divided, he cannot endure, but is at an end.

27 No man can enter into a strong man's house, and take away his goods, except he first bind that strong man, and then spoil his house.

28 Verily I say unto you, all sins shall be forgiven unto the children of men, and blasphemies, wherewith they blaspheme;

29 But he that blasphemeth against the holy Ghost, shall never have forgiveness, but is culpable of eternal damnation.

30 Because they said, He had an unclean spirit.



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